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Will Robins, a certified PGA professional, is helping revolutionize golf instruction worldwide by helping golf professionals guarantee results with their players.

Will owns and operates WRGolf Coaching based in Sacramento County, CA and is the CEO of Robins Golf Logistix (RGX), a consulting company that mentors instructors on coaching programs.  

Through RGX, Will trains over 80 coaches worldwide on how to implement programs that accelerate and guarantee results for their students while doubling their teaching / coaching revenue.
A native of the United Kingdom, Will came to the United States to play college golf in Monterey, California, after graduation with his BBA in Marketing and Management from Northwood University in Florida in 2000. 

Will played on the mini tours around America before sustaining injuries in the 2004 Thailand Tsunami while on his honeymoon with his wife, Amanda. 

Theses injuries led Will to coach the game of golf and Will quickly realized that most of his students came to him not enjoying the game and overthinking to the point of frustration.

Will took his playing skills and life-changing experience to create an instructional program that would guarantee players results and inspire them to love the game of golf again.
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 Tsunami Survivors" 

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  Certifications, HONORS & AWARDS

2017-18 Golf Digest Best Teachers by State (California)

2016 & 2015 PGA National Youth Development Committee Member

2015 PGA Player Development Award 
for Northern California   

GRAA 2017 TOP 50 Growth of The Game
 Teaching Professional

2016-17 Golf Digest Best 
Young Teacher in America

2016 - Current PGA Junior League Advisory Committee Member  

2014 PGA Youth Player Development Award for Northern California

U.S. Kids Golf
Top 50 kids teachers

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The MindSide: Sports and Performance Psychology: "Cheating Death with Tsunami Survivor and Founder of Will Robins Golf"


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Learn how Will is transforming Junior and Adult golfers in his community
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Learn how Will unlocks golfers' potential all over the world
Learn how Will helps coaches unlock their 
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    Will's Journey

Wedding, Honeymoon & Tsunami... 2004
While honeymooning on Ko Phi Phi Don Island in Thailand, aspiring golf pro Will Robins and his wife were swept out to sea by a tsunami created by the Sumatra earthquake.

Due to injuries sustained, Will moved away from his competitive golf career and sponsorships. 

Will dedicates his life to those who did not survive the tragedy and has found peace in teaching the game to others and sharing his amazing story of perseverance and hope with individuals, groups and companies around the world. 
December 26th 2004 - Thailand Tsunami
Phi Phi BEFORE The Tsunami
Phi Phi AFTER The Tsunami
Marcus Mellberg 
 The captain who rescued Will and Amanda 
Will and Amanda transported to hospital
Will at Bankgok Hospital
Will and Amanda with Nurses
A Journey Forward 
Baby Marcus
Robins Family
Will and Amanda
Issac Sanchez and Will Robins
Will receiving the 2014 NCPGA Award
Will filming Golf Digest Video Series
2018 NCPGA Youth Player Development Award 
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