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Will has learned that golfers use his principles in their business environment to overachieve. 

Learn how Will can create an enlightening and powerful presentation tailored to your company and audience to specifically support the key outcomes that are anticipated at your next business meeting or event.
The results from Will’s coaching philosophy are mind-blowing and go far beyond the game by impacting a player’s everyday life. Nationally recognized and awarded, Will is now leading the coaching movement that is transforming golf instruction. Will leads 80 coaches worldwide using his Scoring Method™ coaching system and sees the life changes in his coaches and their players.

This coaching philosophy has the same truths and systems that are the keys to creating business success. Will has the ability to help individuals unlock their true potential through these three keys:

         - Know the real game you're playing is the starting   
           point for happiness.

        - Understand the mindset for your success, then accept 
          it and finally apply it.

        - Practice with purpose, because everything in life is  
          practice and it does not make perfect.

Will's story will inspire your employees to overcome seemingly impossible objections and challenges and come through as better people and employees.
2018 Events
- Scoring Method Intensives, Congressional Country Club - Washington, DC
- Insperity, Silverado Country Club and Resort - Napa, CA
- Insperity, Ritz - Half Moon Bay, CA
- Elkay - Truckee ,CA
- Scoring Method Intensives, Valencia Golf Club - Naples, FL (Nov 10 & 11)
2019 Events 
- 2019 PGA National Teaching and Coaching Summit
- Scoring Method Intensives, Orlando, FL (Jan 2019)
Learn how Will can help you, your employees and
 your organization unlock their full potential.
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